My WYYC 2013 experience.


Ok everyone I just got home a few hours ago and I just wanted to share my experience. In short I had the most amazing yoyo related time of my life!! It was that good. I was able to meet and chat with so many cool people (more on that in a bit)

I had a blast watching the contest but I think I had more fun just taking it all in… So much to tell… Ok let’s start with a few highlights:

Meeting Ben McPhee: I liked him. He was cool to me and I found him to be a funny guy…
Meeting Patrick Mitchell: What can I say… He is up there with Andre`
Meeting Steve Brown: I had a blast talking with Steve… Very nice as well. Great dude!
Meeting Ed Haponik: Such a nice guy!! I had the best time just chatting up yoyos with him…
Meeting Hironori Mii: A class act and again so nice…
Meeting Kentaro Kimura: Quick hello but very nice and easy to talk to.
Meeting Kengo Kido: Great guy… Very unique.

I also got to meet the one and only Jensen Kimmitt. We rode the elevator down together and chatted it up a bit. He was very cool too. I really liked him. As well as being able to see Chris again. The Yeti release was one of my highlights of the whole 4 days…

I also want to thank the whole A2Z family… Words can’t come to mind on how awesome they are!!

Nick, Jrod thanks for putting up with me for 4 nights!!

Vilmos and MarkMont from One Drop were AWESOME too!!!

Jimmy my friend you are the man!!! Love you bro!!


Rock on! I love Worlds! First time I met YYF Ben and Hans, they threw spintop buttons at me :-\

I met Steve Brown and Mark McBride about 15 years ago and they’ve always been two of my faves.


I saw you a bunch the last day. Didn’t know it was you, though. I most hung sound the 2 trading areas making deals and teaching tricks.

I definitely have to agree with you on how awesome the one OneDrop guys were. Vilmos and I ended up talking and hanging out a bit jut about everyday. He’s a pretty cool guy.

Did you by any chance notice Kengo’s flip flops? Those were pretty interesting shoes.


Darn man!! I would have liked to have met you!!

Yea those were sick for sure… Every time he walked by me I was checking them out… Cool stuff!!


Hey I remember seeing you … wish I would have said hello …

this was my first time and I was overwhelmed …

I was mostly hanging out with Tom Connolly but did get to meet a bunch of other peeps.

Hope to run into you next time :slight_smile:


So was that you at the bar with both he and Joe from 10 Yo?? I think it was. We were having a few last night before the big show…


yea hey yea that was me!! were you on the table watching Janos’s video? I remember hearing his music from the video and went over and was like yea that dude is amazing lol


Yes I was!!! And THAT was the first time I ever saw him yoyo… And in my head I was like “If he can do this on stage then he will win”

A lot of people thought he had a great chance…


haha thats awesome … so wait technically speaking we did meet lol

and yea he did pull it off.

GLad I ran into you ;D


I want to meet Tim (the camera guy for the livestream) so bad!


And i may have talked to andre on the live stream. Maybe.


Great hanging out with you, Matt!


It was very nice meeting both you and Jrod at worlds this year. It’s always great putting faces to names.


Sure is man!!! And Like I said… YOU have a ton of energy man!!! So much fun to watch on stage!! Keep at it bro!!


Indeed. You did awesome, Jake. Very nice meeting you! :slight_smile:


I had a blast! It was great getting to hang and learn new tricks. Now to start saving for Prague. :slight_smile:


I can’t tell if Chris is giant, or you’re just small! :smiley:


On a good day I am 5"6… so yea… I am short and he’s just the man…


Wow I don’t remember being that much taller then you! Haha

Was so awesome seeing you again Matt!! Thanks again for all of the support and I can’t wait to kick it with all of you guys in MA again!


I wish I had gone =(

I went to Worlds 2010, and had an amazing time. Met a bunch of people as well but the one that stands out is Steve Brown. I wound up sitting behind him during 5A prelims (the ones that very few people actually sit and watch), and I awkwardly asked “Mr. Brown (yeah I know, right?), what’s it like to have invented a style of yoyoing that has become so massive?”

His response was along the lines of “it’s very humbling, because I can’t do any of that” (pointing on stage).