So I just ordered a Seven Summit....

Oh man… What have I done?..

I love mine!

If you regret it send it to me. Lol.

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lol! When you get it tell me how it plays! I am probably getting one soon as well.

Woohoo! At first I wasn’t sure if I liked it. Then I threw it for a couple days and now I can’t imagine not having it!

I like the lighter weight of the 7 more than the regular.

The Avalanche has a similar shape but I like the summit better. Its a big throw. I like slimmer yoyos but this is my big 'un. Very wide so hopping between string segments can take some getting used to. Smooth, stable, love it. I’ve got 6 throws in my normal rotation and the 7Summit is one of them.

Very happy for you, hope you like it.

Sure thing, Buggot. I’m actually hella excited I got one coming, but I can’t believe I spent that money. Lol. Hope it was worth it.

This will be my reaction after I fork out for the Evora…