So, I guess this is it now. Done. -Merged-


Studio didn’t quit yoyoing…

This is not, the greatest song in the wooooorld. This is just a tribute.

I get it :wink:

But I don’t get the purpose of it, just to get a charge out of people?

Wonder what will happen to his collection poor yoyos… He needs to show them Continuous love or they’ll die :frowning:

Just up on facebook earlier today from him:
“Monday: Back to normal. However, normal involves cleaning a bunch of bearings.”

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Studio42 gets much of his life pleasures from yoyos and sharing his collection with others (why else would he have so many :wink: i have luckily been able to try and see his collection and it is pretty awesome. He basically took the guesswork and hype out of yoyos for me so i could simply throw any of them and feel the raw performance. I still refuse to throw his peaks though because what if i liked it? Ha. Anyways, studios not quitting yoyoing anytime soon. Hes a great guy and has ups and downs like any ‘human’ on this planet. Some of us are just more open about our downs.

I think he just said the act of yoyoing and etc in fancy talk lol

so true. I’m uust waiting for the buy sell trade thread

You’ll be waiting a long long time.

Studio is gonna be buried with his yoyos silly

I’m so confused

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Just read Studio’s post (or the snippet quoted on page 1) and approach it with a “Ooohhhh, I see what he did there, that sneaky bugger” attitude. Or, trust the other users here who have already said (there’s what, 3, 4 of them now?) that he’s not quitting yoyo. :wink:

Oh, the joys of having an above 12th grade reading level in 7th grade… :smiley:

lol u no dat troo, boi.

Oh my god guys.
I fear for the world.


Same!! You basing this on Lexile? Cause mine is in the top 15% for 12th graders…

I’m in the same boat, buddy.

No, basing it of this program, STAR, they do in our school district.

I actually just took the SAT on Saturday for this program called ROGATE where kids from younger grades are allowed to take them if you’re smart enough to get in. It was fun watching all the high school seniors looking at me and the other middle school kids all confused why we were there.

Dude, I JUST did the same thing. On saturday. Took the SATs. No joke.

Duke TIP program?