I live in an area pretty much devoid of other throwers. I know one guy at work, but he’s pretty uppity about how awesome his Xodus II and UFO catches are…now it’s not a competition or anything, but I can do more advanced stuff on my fixies than he can on his Xodus, so no reason to be uppity. Anyway, I tend to ignore people when they are arrogant like that.

But I digress, after about 11 months of playing, my best friend is finally wanting to pick the hobby back up. He yoyoed when he was a child, like I did, and actually taught me the front flip when I picked a yoyo back up at the beginning of the year. He’s finally buying a new throw and we actually ordered together yesterday. He’s getting a YYE Edition Yelets for his first modern throw and I picked up one of the RW Edition Just For Fun by OUT for my newest throw.

We even ordered him some YYE Edition poly strings to match the color way on his Yelets.

I guess the whole point is, I’ve finally got someone to throw with in the analog world of yoyoing! I know most of you probably don’t care, but I thought I’d share anyway.

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For an activity that is pretty much a one person show, it’s just as fun to do in a group. I don’t know if 2 qualifies as a group, I’m pretty sure it’s a couple, but whatever, what I said in the beginning was the good part of this post. So just stop reading this now and go back up to the first line. Oh, but wait, then you’ll just start reading this again in which case, I would tell you then to start reading it from the beginning and you’d be stuck in an endless loop. So instead, I’ll put the first line down here for you: For an activity that is pretty much a one person show, it’s just as fun to do in a group. …You’re welcome.

Thanks mike! It is pretty much a solo activity, but it’s nice to be able to throw ideas at someone else and have someone to talk to about it.

As much as I wanted to stop reading that post, I just couldn’t.

Looks like groundhog day.

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I’m the opposite, my best friend used to throw, but doesn’t anymore. :frowning:

My yoyoing grew faster when I played alone, as opposed to when I had friends to yoyo with…

I would LOVE if My friends were into throwing. I’d have went to yy triple crown in Chicago for sure. I’d love if there were a club by me too and someone better because I feel like I could really use some help from someone better on my throwing in person. Your lucky man! Glad to hear it.

My friend yoyo too ! But he has 3-4 trick less than me so i help him and it make me want to learn new tricks so he doesn’t get better than me XD

He picked up the Mach 5 in about 15-20 minutes. I honestly think he’ll progress quicker and further than I did, but it will serve as fun and inspiration to push myself as well.

It’s funny though, he’s picking up ball bearing throws as I’m moving mostly over to fixed axle. When he wanted to learn Mach 5, I actually picked up a ball bearing throw for the first time in about 2 weeks.