So I found the lost instructions to boingy boing


Ok so here’s the secret, there is no down motion that you do. You just pull up and then relax your hand between up motions. Wow! It worked!


I feel like that would make it look slow and choppy but I already know how to do it do I’m not sure how it would be for someone still learning it haha


He doesn’t mean literally. It’s more like the mental attitude towards it. That’s the thing that I find lacking in a lot of tutorials… I ask people about their mental approach and they usually just go “You crazy? Just follow the instructions!” but I like to have a particular mental approach.

With Boingy-boing, the mental approach is kind of like… the “up” is what gives the yoyo momentum, and then you just reset your finger to down. It’s a series of ups; the “down” is just quickly resetting the finger to where it needs to be in order to do another “up”! Can’t do the up if the finger isn’t in the down position, so you’d better get it there!



I mean you relax your hand and the yoyo pulls it down by pushing on the string


Eh… I dunno if we’re talking about the same thing after all. My advice still stands!!! :smiley:


Hahaha :smiley:


To learn boingy boing, I put weights in a plastic bad and practiced the motion.