So, I finally caved again


And started playing Runescape! Curse this game ::slight_smile: I’m starting a brand new character in hopes of avoiding the realization that the economy is unregulated and inflation will be the be-all-end-all for the game and struggling players like myself. I figure as long as I don’t have a subscription to it and I’m not trying to find something else to do while I wait for my hand to not be bruised anymore, why not…

Anybody else play it? ;D

(Waylon) #2

I’ve tried it. I recommend you check out some MUDs. They’re fun but require some learning if commands. I liked Aardwolf quite a bit for a while. I still play some.

(Owen) #3

I just started playing it until i got to about level 50 in most combat skills.

It takes to long after that :stuck_out_tongue:


I quit about a year back. Hit about 70 in almost all my combat skills besides Summoning, was around 85 I think. Eventually it’s too repetitive, so I moved on to other games that I appreciate more.


I don’t like RPGs because they’re so hard to get into.