any1 else play runescape?


I don’t. but tell me if I’d like it? Last time I played it, it had like sega graphics… I played Everquest 1, Lineage II, Conan and WOW… Lineage II was my favorite mmorpg… Is this game still the same graphics and slow start cutting down trees etc?

wow no lol its advanced like 200x better go look at videos on youtube

but it is a slower paced casual game, unless you pk

eep eep! I do I do! guess my name on it!!! 1slave25!!!

I need to renew my memship tho

It’s SC2 all day for me.

so do i ? what lvl are you im i think 86

i am lvl 94 (100 in members world) but sadly i dont play anymore ive given away all my money to freinds …

can i have ur acc? =P

idk everytime somone asks me that i always feel like keeping it even tho i dont use it…

you think i could have a video you think is good? i dont want to come across something and just dismiss it… thanks


pking language warning

this is the graphics 2 years ago couldnt find and recent hd ones its double exp weekend so i suggest if u wanna play play now

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I used to play RS, but Now I mostly play WoW and Oblivion. Can’t wait until Skyrim. ::slight_smile:

But yes, if you have a decently high end computer you can make runescape look REALLY nice, the videos just don’t do it justice. (Is that the right way to put it? :))

yup u said it