(Owen) #1

Who plays and what’s your username if you do?

My username is Nemoekblad98 you should add me, I just started playing again after like 6 years and it has CHANGED.

So yeah comment your heart out bro


Aww man I used to play that religiously.

It’s changed way too much in the past 3 years to be fun anymore. It’s run by this big corporation now whose only objective is to get as much money as possible.
Money grubbing = no fun.

I started back in like…04’? Idr. My first account had a yoyo lol.


I used to play… Then I just got bored and just messed with people




Can’t believe Runescape is still going! I haven’t played in about 8 years. What’s new?



haha same. I played for like two years when I was around 9-10. I only reached like level 29.


My RSN is Jake Elliott (har har).

Level 138, 120 dungeoneering, 15? 99’s, etc etc.

I played a lot this summer, but now I’m spending most of my time yoyoing.


I used to play all the time, but I kinda lost interest. Who knows, I haven’t been on a while, maybe I can get back into it…


Used to play tons, was only level 82 though. I had about 30 mil, traded that for tf2 items because I totally lost interest in Runescape. I might think about coming back, but I personally find WoW more fun.


I used to play this game so much. But its way to different now to be any fun. If you don’t have a gaming PC is runs really slow and anyone with a gaming PC isn’t going to play runescape…

It used to be the bomb but it’s not the good old classic game it used to be