Any Runescape Players Out There?


I know this is kind of a necro but the title askes it all oh and if you dont play anymore can i have your account :slight_smile: you guys can add me and we can do stuff like quest and just hang out




i play, add gorillaz922 =]


Ever since Andrew sold it off, it has become nothing more than a game that’s designed to get your money.

If I remember correctly, Jagex started the game with the intention of not having how much real world wealth affect your in-game performance.

It used to be a super fun game, but now it’s just one OP weapon release after another.


I used to and was at lvl 72


I played. Got as far as cooking shrimp and thought it was lame.


I’m still playing now not the best out there but if you ever want to play together add rare900


Found a bunch of old Runescape pics on my hard drive ;D

For 6 years I rocked the dreads :wink:


I remember the days when phats were cool i stopped playing shortly after nex came out they have a really cool business model of taking what their players hate making it two times worse and still having players online every day its amazing to me one day i hope to be rich for sucking at something i think id be great at it


I made it up to lvl 64


I haven’t played this game for years. I remember it being super fun though. I think it stopped letting me log in.


So I just fired up runescape for nostalgia’s sake (I played in middle school), and it seems to me its just run of the mill f2p cosmetic stuff, emotes, titles, etc. I guess theres the wheel spin thing, but other than that I don’t really see any pay to win stuff going on. Looks like theres lots of new content though. The combat is a lot more interesting now imo, a lot more like a “traditional” rpg now. Graphics are also pretty impressive considering it’s still browser based. I also see that they’re working on an html5 update, and it’s looking pretty crazy…


Stopped playing about 5 months ago

Still have a really good account

Reason I quit is because I made it to lvl 71 within 2 weeks of runescape 2007 servers. Made 5 million and disconnected at barrows and lost everything…

Had that feeling - well that was a waste . F this game

You’re right all the micro purchase stuff really irritated me . The game was nothing more then limited items and cosmetics…


If you guys dont like Runescape 3 which is the new version of runescape you can always buy membership and play on the 07 or oldschool servers which is what i play on add me, Bear vs man

oh and link ill gladly take control of your account :wink: