So how long should the strong should be?

Im still using the bellybutton method. But sine everybody is using longer strings now, I was wondering how long it should be. Can someone help me out?

As long as you want. Just don’t hit the ground :slight_smile:

Whatever you feel like. I made a 6 foot long string just for fun. I’ve used super short string. It all has to do with what you want. Don’t follow the crowd just because.

Agree with what others have said. My preference is belly button method, but, I also don’t do crazy tech that benefits from having more string. Use whatever length makes you happy.

To answer your question, I use a string about 2-3 inches above my belly button. The thing you have to remember when you’re playing a longer string is not to throw your yo straight into the ground :wink:

We’re not happy until you’re not happy! *<B{Q>

I use belly-button; I personally don’t need all that extra string.

This is kinda unrelated but did you guys see the YouTube video where Dylan put one hundred strings on a Diablo. It was comical :slight_smile:

I personally find the Yoyoexpert regular 100% poly string to be the perfect length for me, not sure how long it is though. When I play with long string now it feels awkward, so I do cut it to my desired length. Also depends on your play style, in 2a play the string will need to be shorter for better control, but it is all a matter of preference.

Not sure how helpful this will be, but I use kitty xl tied at the very end of the string, with little or no tail. If you’re just starting out,cut the string to your bellybutton to minimize “yo bangas” on the floor. ( or cemente, tile, fireplace, relatives, holiday decorations, girlfriend\boyfriend etc). longer string won’t be helpful until later.

im about 2 or so inches give or take above the 'button

It’s got to go from the throw to your finger.

Say it it like it is😀

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I threw mine into the ground

Possibly because of how you threw it or…

Either the string is too long or you are too short.

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It dented

Does it still play well?


What is wrong with it? Does it vibe a lot? As long as it doesn’t wobble, you are good to go!

I would make your string maybe slightly shorter. Most people play with super long string anyways.

Short strongs play fast. Long strongs play slow and are in more danger of a sloppy throw to the hit the ground. Just play around with different strong lengths. An inch can make a world of difference in your strong length. Just keep at it. Strongs are a personal thing, my strongs length may be horrible for you and vise versa.


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