So close and far..


Hello all,
Not even 15 feet from where I type this post sits a small box with my birthday yoyo contained within…
A CLYW Gnarwhal in the Northern Lights finish.
Due to the legitimate danger of this particular throw being sold out very quickly, (I’m fairly certain that I received the last one), I was able to convince my dad to purchase it last week under the condition that I can’t actually have it till my birthday.
Which leaves me sitting here, so close that I can practically taste it (not that I generally taste my throws…) and unable to play with it for the next three weeks…
This ever happen to anyone? It’s not fun…
On the plus side, my little brother ordered himself a DV888 that came today as well, I’ll probably end up throwing that once he puts it down…


That sucks… well, these next three weeks are gonna suck.


If you know where it is… Than switch it out with something else you don’t use. And than on your bday just pretend like its the gnarwal you wanted lol

I doubt your dad will be able to know the difference. Unless he yoyos or knows what color it is.


Happened with my Chief, Dietz, and Code 2. Pretty much with every modern yoyo I have. Although with the Chief, I was only limited by how fast I could make $150.


I spent many nights gazing longingly at a box that held either an Aware or an Irony…it was hard for me…


I don’t exactly have that issue. I bought a Clareview Station Gnarwal a couple of weeks ago and YYE at my request is holding it for me. It will ship soon with some other items. I’m very patient. I like to secure items so that way I know I can get them. I don’t have to necessarily have it.

I’ve done many orders from another yoyo reseller, and those routinely are long to ship. Again, I don’t really mind. I don’t have to be first, but when I want something, I want it held and taken care of.

I can certainly understand impatience. Recently, 9 yoyos arrived. I’m just not in the mood to really throw anything new. 4 are sitting unplayed and except for being unboxed and photographed, have otherwise been untouched. Yeah, some of it’s no big deal, like a Bounty Hunter or a Cyclone. I finally got around to the Eternal Throw Victory. But, the CO2 and Delta from Aero-Yo, I’m just not even motivated to throw right now. The Hop King and Bossman are not really getting any attention at all. The sOMEThING V has been getting some play.

Then again, I’m not really throwing much of anything right now. I’m just not feeling it, but it’s an issue tied to depression and having a trip tomorrow. I dislike long drives.

Be patient. It will be rewarded. I’ve seen the Northern Lights colorway and I’m hoping the Cliff has that as a choice as that’s the one I want it on. You’re gonna love that Gnarwal. That seems to be the CLYW that fits me best. I already have a mismatched halves Gnarwal.


I can’t help but recall what Spock said about having vs. wanting:

“After a time, you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing after all as wanting. It is not logical, but it is often true”.


I would but in my excitement for finally getting a CLYW, I showed my dad the YoyoExpert pictures of it like ten thousand times… he’d know…

Yeah I know, I wish I was as patient as you… if I got a shipment of 9 Yoyos I probably wouldn’t sleep because I would have to throw them all.
But I’m really glad to have your two cents on the colorway and the toy itself…
I recently read in a few places that this batch seemed iffy to some people, but your recommendation is making me worry less. I’m pretty sure I’ll love it too.

I don’t think Spock throws…
But I see your point, hoping that doesn’t hold true in this case!


I already have my Christmas gift ordered. ::slight_smile: I do believe that’s further than three weeks away. Lol.

In all reality though, as long as I can throw, I think I’ll be happy.


I actually read that in Spock’s voice.

But I do understand it, already happened to me a couple times, some in yoyos.

I don’t prefer to ship a lost due to 1. it costs a lot. 2. Shipping still don’t have full trust, along with the person/shop selling it. I think I might just be too paranoid though.


Same thing has happens to me, it’s the worst.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My dad bought me a mighty flea for my birthday a month earlier because it was almost sold out, I convinced him to let me open it :smiley:


Have you ever asked your parents to hide it from you? Out of site out of mind!