Snake Skin String! (roar)

OK. I have started making pretty awesome string. ATM I only have a couple formats, considering I am still messing around with tension and such. Here they are.

Working on: Emalee
Waiting list: Gorrila_YO

Original string!
My OG string. Medium-tight tension, long lasting, excellent whips + tension, without loosing that 100% polyester feel we know you all love. 100% poly, comes in 5 packs for 2 bucks! 4 solid colors and one mix color. You can have all mixed colors if wanted, no add’l charge. Nice for D’s and A bearings.

Thick Original string
This is string that is thicker than the OG string, just a bit, (1 more thread) and is therefore better at whips. Should only be used with C bearings, or wide gapped yoyos.

Thicker than the thick string, for reliable whips, slacks, and suicides, without losing the tension.
$3.00, because this uses more material.


This is a nylon/poly mix. The nylon is white, so its looks normal in string combos. It will be 70/30.
You can add 1 color to the nylon, so a green/white mix (white would be nylon.) and such.
$3.00, due to the cost of nylon.

3A & 2A Sets!
These are basically the same as my original string, except a couple differences
-Wound less tight
-Wound different ways
2 strings are lefty, 2 strings are righty. Right in the middle of thick and thin.
4 strings to make it balanced. 100% poly. Comes in a 4 pack. 2 Bucks! All solid colors.

Colorways (So far :D)

Someday Bloody Sunday - Half black, and half red.

Celebration Day - Mix of blue, red, and white.

Born2YoYos Signature Colorway - Blue, purple, and yellow.

Spidah mahn - You know. Blue/red.

Oreo - Half Black half white. The white stuff!

Hugo-Z-Hor - Half pink, half yellow. Uber-bright string! Color of teh HUGO Z HOR!!!

Haloweenish - Half orange half black.

Well, these are all the colorways right now. If one of my customers comes up with a good colorway, I will ask them If I can leave it up here!


Diggin’ For Gold - If your really wanting some gold, I will put 1 gold thread in all the strings, in any format BESIDES throwback. Cost’s $1.00 more!

I use paypal. PM me to order!

When you order, tell me
-Lefty/Righty (if you don’t tell me, I just assume you are righty.)

I will tell you my paypal, you will deposit the money, then I ship to you!

These strings are home made, so they take time. Just wait! Hehe.


And that would be ME!

And ME! I love these strings. If you’re looking for a great, cheap, homemade string, DO NOT hesitate to buy these!

Thanks jump. That means a lot! Well. I am working on mikeyrocks’ order ATM, I have 2 spots open. Offer up!


These Strings = Amazing