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Hi all, I wave decided to enter the string industry.
I make string that is quite very good. Great at whips, slacks, and great at keeping tension.
All strings are a 80% poly 20% nylon, unless otherwise stated.

Due to slippage issues, the original thickness is now thicker.

Here are the formats:

Daddy long legs: This is a thin string because these spiders are very skinny.

House spider: This is is average thickness string that works very well on my boss.

Tarantula: This is a thick string for your yoyos that have gaps wider than the great lakes.

100% Poly: This string is 100% polyester, still awesome, cheaper! $2.00 for a 5 pack!

Lefty: Any of these formats can be lefty, just tell me when you order.

GLOW IN THE DARK! This is the house spider thickness and it is all white so it glows better, it looks blue/green in the dark. You need charge it under a lamp and it will keep glowing for about a half hour in the dark, then recharge it under a light and the glow will never wear out.
Because of the cost of the thread, it is $1.00 per string

Fool’s Gold: This string glistens in the sun. Due to cost of gold thread, it is $0.50 per sting

Jackpot: This has double the gold thread as fool’s gold WARNING: this string is very rough at first, then you break it in and it’s fine. $1.00 per string

3A set: This has 4 strings, 2 righty, 2 lefty. Normal thickness. $1.50 for 2 right, 2 left

2a set: This is a thicker version of the 3a set. $1.50 for 2 right, 2 left

Flea string: thin and short enough to be used in the big deal, and mighty fleas. $2 for 5

In the spider named strings, as well as fool’s gold and 2a/3a sets, you can pick up to 4 colors for your string to be.

The strings come pretty long with just a knot at the end so you can cut and tie your own slipknot.

All spider named formats are sold in packs of 5 for $3(usd)
Bulk prices:
10 strings: $5.00
15 strings: $7.50
20 strings: $9.00
Max string per order: 20, this is because i almost broke down crying making 30

Add ons:

Cotton strand: It is one red thread in the string, makes string last longer. Adds $1 per 5 pack.

Rainbow: This add on lets you pick 5 colors for your string for normal or thick ply’s. $1.00 per 5 pack


They are bracelets that look awesome.
With every 10 pack of strings, you receive one free.
Unless you want to buy 20 of them they can only be included in orders.
For every one it is $0.25 and I chose the colors.

Shipping to US only! price is $1.50 for shipping

All the colors I say are from left to right

Black | White | Gray | Brown

Green | Light Green | Sea-Foam Green | Orange

Royal Blue | Blue | Aqua-Marine | Purple

Red | Light Pink | Hot Pink | Yellow

When Ordering
be sure to include:

  1. What types of string yo want. I.E /one pack of house spider and 2 glow in the darks./
  2. How many of each types of string you want.
  3. What colors you want.
  4. What add ons, (if any) do you want.

Please PM me with orders!

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I sent you a PM asking if i could try it first.

Just saying, have you brought this to YYN? I heard of lots of people looking for lefty strings.

can i test some

Maybe, I already have a couple of people testing.

ill make a video of me using it

I have about 3 more people lined up for a one string test, I’ll see if I can squeeze you in.

The review is UP!