My SB YYF Hectic is snagging a lot and I’m not sure why I think that it is the 100% cotton string I have… Is this the issue or is it something else?

Small bearing yoyos tend to be a bit more snaggy

Is the string thick?
It could also be the response if it is flush.

Cotton has always been more snaggy than poly for me. That is why most use it for loopers. Get you some good 100% poly and try that.

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yah, or maybe there is something in the bearing seat or the bearing is dirty
If it is dirty then I suggest you to clean it.

Thank you for the help I will think about getting some new string soon but I’m low on cash so I don’t know when…

You can always get a .25$ spool of poly and make your own string like some people do.

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I will look in to it thanks

I made my first successful string by hand with polyester thread. It did seem to snag less it only snagged when I got a lot of string in the gap. Now I just need to get good at making them.

Do you have a small bearing Hectic or large bearing? Again, just like another person said earlier, small bearings tend to snag more then large bearings. That is one of the reasons why I like large bearings better.

I have a small bearing thats what SB means… So why are small bearings more snaggy?

Because the string is nearer to the response.

The small bearings are smaller than large bearings (duh?). Therefore, the gap is slimmer and there’s less space for the string layers.