Snagging Problems

I am having snagging problems with my Metal Drifter and 2010 Freehand 2. I have cleaned the bearing in each of them, and only have 1 silicone sticker in. The 2010 Freehand 2 is unresponive, but when I throw it down in a frontstyle sleeper and pull up it will sometimes come back up. Also, both yoyos snag occasionally during transitions. Is it because of the bearing size?

yes and most sb do that and its a duncan

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Snagging during transitions? Smooth your motions out. The yo-yo being just overall grabby? Break the pads in.

Yeah, it’s just overall grabby. Well, thanks, I need to break the pads in. :slight_smile:

yes it is most likely the pads. but the small bearing size contributes too.

The reason the FH2 is responive on some frontsyle throws is probably due to your throw not being very straight. If you have one pad, if you throw it a little crooked the string may be rubbing on the pad sides, causing more response.