I just ordered a Velocity because I heard good things about it and was quite interested in the dials’ system. Did I make a good choice in buying it? Also, is this in the wrong section? I was thinking it could go in the Looking for Help/Recommendation section. So tell me if it is and I will move it. :slight_smile:

The Velocity is a really great yo-yo for the beginner yo-yoer to a more advanced one. My friend ordered one and it played just as smooth as my Speedmaker. I loved it and the new model is K-Pad response. I wish I could buy it from him.

He has it at unresponsive and it binds nice and tight. You won’t be disappointed.

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Does it snag at all? That was a concern for me because it has a small size bearing.

Small size bearing yoyos really have no greater chance of snagging than large ones. Any difference is miniscule.

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Agreed. When it comes to a yo-yo, it depends on how you bind that determines the chances of snagging.

My friend’s only knowledge of binding is the basic bind and whip bind. His Velocity snags a lot, but compared to my binding, there is little to no snag. You just gotta know how to bind.

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I loved this yoyo when I first started. It feels great in the hand.

Actually they do. I have tried small bearing Lunatics, to more and more, and Tactics. They all snag way to much for me and I hate it. I just really hate small bearings, but people have different experiences than other, and please don’t get mad at me for saying this. Because it’s really nothing to get mad about.