Smoothest Blast

Ive always wondered, what’s the smoothest blast?

Whatever CLYW does. That’s really the only thing I’ve liked about my BVM and Marmot.

Whatever X3 uses

SPYY. smoothest to the touch and the yoyos being smooth help a lot with grinds.

i like what the nessie has a bead blast and then a pyromatt

Pyromatte just doesn’t do it for me. The “grains” feel too fine. It just gives it a matte look.
HOWEVER, with a glove this is the BEST finish to grind with.

General yo and One Drop’s Soda Blast come to mind.

Even though i dont like Generalyos their blast is amazing at grinding. I also dig what X3 uses too

Soda blast probably.

code 2

Definitely what general yo uses. Super smooth on palm grinds especially

Whatever was used on my 1st run 28S Peak. Smoother than anything else I’ve ever owned.

Whatever is on the spyy supra and the code 2.


I like SPYY’s and CLYW’s. Onedrop’s never really did it for me because it’s humid where I live.

Nonononononono all of you… all of you are wrong.

General Yoooooo

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Obviously unblasted TP and YYR

Well I suppose if the question was “what is the smoothest blast on a yo-yo with no media blast?”

…those would be excellent choices. :slight_smile:

@ the OP - If I understand the question correctly I’d say the One Drop soda blast. (again, that’s if I properly understand the query, it’s a little vague)