smoke smell coming from center trac

i was yoyoing smelled smoke ,bearing was the source what should i do?


Uh… did you ding it?

Chances the smell came from the anodize. When you scratch anodize, it sometimes creates a burnt smell.

Have one of these handy.


the anodizing looks fine i’m gonna wash it and see if smell persist maybe a large string fiber got caught and got grinded since i run all my bearings dry

The anno just has to scratch for it to have a sulfur like smell. Doesn’t have to be a serious ding. Even a good smack with a counterweight can sometimes give off a slight smell.

That, or it was just left near a fire…

Maybe slow it down a bit. :wink:

I’d just keep playing it and see if it feels and plays ok. If need be - a small bit of lube.

if it was the anno would the yoyo have any smoke smell on it?

Sulfur smell is pretty much smoke smell.

You’re yo’ing is too rad. The bearing can’t handle it! :slight_smile:

Who is using gasoline for lube again?

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You need a Radder bearing.

lol the smell was pretty strong i wasnt that close it was in a average trapeze region

as others said, most likely ano. If you play 3a with metals, you’ll smell it a lot.

I’ve gotten some smokey smell occasionally.

Sometimes, my bearings will make terrible noises and give off a smell even without the yoyo touching anywhere but my hand and the string. But that might be because i was using an unlubed konkave that is magnetized and had a misaligned cage :stuck_out_tongue: