Bearing problems

So I was yo-yoing with a YYF spec X bearing and it began to smell like it was burning. So what do I do? What does this mean? Do I lubricate it? Or clean it?

I just received it a week ago.

Sulfer smell? I wouldn’t think it was the bearing. Unless it is rubbing on the ano some how. If it smells something like striking a match then what you have is something burning off the ano. normaly that is done when playing 3A or dinging a yoyo.

If it happened right after you dinged it its just the smell a yoyo makes when getting dinged.

Yeah, it kind of smells like that but my yoyo is Raw. So what can I do about it?

I did not ding it, it did get really responsive like how bearings do when they break in. So I just threw really hard sleepers.

Are you sure its raw and not clear anodized?

The string could be burning.