I played for some kids today. It was at a friend’s house who keeps a lot of children who don’t have any place else to go after school. It made me feel very good, they were so excited. I’m think I’ll get a bunch of Proflys to take over there and hand out. I’m still happy :slight_smile:


Tell me more

What do y’all think of the Profly as a starter yoyo? I don’t think you can beat it for kids.

The Profly is nice, but something classic shape like a Proyo would give them an even better basic responsive foundation.

I like the Profly over the Proyo. I think it lets you get to more advanced tricks before you need a new throw. I know John Higby uses the Proyo when he does classes, so you’re probably right.

How young are they? I’ve been giving away my yomegas and Duncan’s to my nephew. He has money but no access to the Internet to order anything because he lives in the middle of no where. Got to drive a whole hour to see another home, let alone a toy store.

Mostly in the 6-12 year old range. These kids are in a similar situation, there is nothing for them to do and nowhere to do it.

I would get a few different types. Maybe a few Proflys, Proyos, and something with a “brain”, so the kids that don’t get it can still participate.