Hello All - And First Question

Hi Guys! ;D

I’m new here, name is Pablo. I’m 19 years old and have been yoyo-ing ever since my grammy gave me a little Disney Cars yoyo that she got from a dollar store LOL :smiley:

Just wanted to say hello, and that’s not all I also have a question.

I made my parents get me a Magnetude because it was the most expensive yoyo. Does this mean it has the best performance? I want to be a pro one day and I think this will help me take the ‘fast track’ if you know what I mean :-*

Any advice on how to be better than kids who have been yoyo-ing longer than me? I want to rise to the top faster than my Brain yoyo used to rise from a sleeper move! ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

Thanks in advance and can’t wait to be an active member here! I know I’m going to learn a whole lot!

Hi Pablo (or should I call you boingy boing boy? ;D j/k),

Welcome to the forums! Been a longtime lurker but finally took the plunge and made an account to answer your question.

Unlike most people I took up Yo-yoing late in life (I’m in my 60s now, but started in my late 50s), but in my limited experience I’ve noticed it’s not the yoyo you use but the skill you bring to the table. While some yoyos have better performance I’m a believer that ones true talent for the yoyo is what brings the special element of ferocity.

When I began performing my routines for friends and family, I noticed they were very reluctant until I started showing them passion and ferocity in my performance. So to close, I think as long as you are tenacious and a student of technique you will be a star no matter what you’re throwing! Keep on yo-yoing!

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Thanks YoYoBoss! You can just call me Pablo, I only made my name boingy boy because I just learned that trick and it’s my favorite one so far.

I thought your post was really nice, thanks for the good advice! I only perform for my mom and grammy right now, but only because I really want to be the best yoyo-er ever before I unveil my skills to the public. My mom says I’m very good but I can see in her eye that she is just flattering me.

I’m not sure how to be ‘ferocious’ yet but I think I can start trying it when I practice tonight. Should I just have a mad face when I do my tricks? Like this >:( >:( >:( HAHAH LOL


Having the best yo-yo will only be beneficial to you if you’re good. I’m with FerociousYoYoBoss - practice, practice, practice.

But bro? Don’t be a sell out. I yoyo-ed with my older brother’s seven-and-a-half-year old yoyo when he finally gave it up to start his juggling career. And I honestly believe that if I had a new yoyo, I would have never tried as hard or had to practice as hard. A brand new yoyo would have spoiled me, taught me to rely on the benefits of a well crafted yoyo body, high quality string, and aerodynamic design. And you know what? I have that old yoyo to thank - I even worked hard enough to make it to my middle school’s talent show finals!!!

So, in conclusion, don’t be a darn sell out! Starting with a great yoyo will only cheapen your whole experience.

Peace and yoyos!

  • Jim

Not sure if this was serious or not but it sure made me chuckle :stuck_out_tongue:

My advice would be hit the basics hard. If you can do them well, the rest will come more easily over time. I feel the people who take the time to get the basics down have a much more flowy style to them. Ones who try to work their rank up in tricks fast, normally have a very jerky style, which doesn’t look appealing.

There is much more to the world of yoyoing then being the best (I really hope so at least or I have just wasted a very sizable chunk of my life). Take your time to enjoy all the aspects from collecting to competing.

Welcome to the forums ;D

The magnitude is a pretty interesting yoyo. It comes with two counterweights for 5a (a different style of yo yoyoing where instead of having the string attached to your finger its contected to a separate object letting you do tricks which otherwise wouldn’t be possible). I’m sure you could have gotten something better for your money but the magnitude will be a great start :slight_smile:

About the yoyo helping you fast track, it really comes down to the yoyor as someone else mentioned. A $16 dollar yoyo would have been able to take you up the trick ladder too. But don’t get me wrong, those other yoyor cost so much for good reason :smiley: I’m sure if your determined and most importantly have fun with yoyoing and enjoy it you’ll go far!

Hope to see you more on the forum, and perhaps in a compitition in years to come. ;D

Good advice Jim, but in my opinion having a high quality yoyo (bi-metal, kitty string) would have made you get to the talent show finals automatically, without having to practice as hard. That’s how it works for example labron james has the best physical tools (have you seen his biceps) for basketball, so he’s always going to be better than you or me.

I feel bad that you have a 7 and a half year old yoyo. I’m going to ask my parents if they will sponsor for you to get a new one. They like to help people out, so you never know :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Ohhh is that what those things were? I thought they were part of the packaging and threw them away. I feel like a real clod now. Like my grammy always says, déjalo ser.

Lol. Well don’t beat your self up over it. You can all ways buy yourself some new counterweights if you want to take the plunge into 5a :slight_smile:

That is true. I don’t know a lot about 5a so I will probably hold off for now. I need to work on a better routine still

Pablo! This just goes to show what happens when someone who’s first yoyo was a Disney Cars dollar store find and their second was a magnitude. Too much too fast, buddy. Too much WAY too fast. :wink:

Luckily you can still buy the counterweights separately. But I’d hate for you to miss out on the growing you can do with your original yoyo. Mine was named Nathan.

Peace and yoyos.

  • Jim

Do you always name your yoyos? I never thought abotu doing that, since I want people to know its a magnetude (although nobody really recognizes how expensive it is)

Maybe I can name mine Maggie?

I obviously care more about the relationship between yoyo and handler, so yes, I always do. Does your yoyo feel like a girl?

I’ve never named a yoyo in the 5 years I’ve thrown (it’s been five years? Dang, I’m still terrible :wink: ). However I gave my girlfriend a yoyo and she named it by the end of the day.
It’s up to you. No need to if you don’t want.

To start Practice. Then when you are done, practice some more. And guess what you should do after that? You got it, practice. Only way to get better.

Learn to be consistent. Learn that the yoyo doesn’t matter. Seriously, most of the pros can play just fine with a Butterfly XT that was $3.99, others can do their tricks on a fixed axle. Doesn’t mean getting other yoyo’s isn’t fun.

But if you really want to be a “pro” practice more than anything else. Attend contests and talk with everyone, share tricks, ask questions, be a friend to them, and help other people learn.

Hope that helps.