Smaller High-ends

Looking for bimetals, titaniums, and other high ends that have a sub ~54mm diameter and a sub ~42mm width. Eyeing the Sputnik, but does anything else come to mind?


some of the stuff from yoyo studio llama

sputnik is a good choice though and is most likely smoother

Thanks for the suggestion. Have you ever ordered from yoyo studio llama directly?

I guess these would work
EX-5 Asura
Jazz-Yo Regulus
sOMEThING Slasher
Anglam (1 mm over in dia.)
Phaser (Same sitch as above)
Leviathan 4 /Light

I really enjoy my Bapezilla.2.

It’s not my best performer, due to the high wall organic shape, but it’s one of my favorite regardless. Very comfortable in hand due to the shape and awesome finish, and overall really fun to throw. Still has good spin times due to beefy rims, but requires you to be more precise with your string angles if you want to juice out long combos. I enjoy it most for relaxed play though, I have other throws for when I’m focusing on top performance.

I’d say the same about the Markmont. Next as well, but you’d have to get that on the BST (I think there’s one or two on there right now).

As far as new fancy stuff, Schneider MK-II, Leviathan 6, Slasher and Sputnik come to mind. I had a proto Leviathan 6 that was quite nice although it was a bit heavier and slower than I would prefer and I love the Schneider MK-II. Slasher has been getting fairly positive reviews so far and I have very high hopes for my Sputnik on the way.

The only Anglam version I’ve tried was the original and it was quite nice. I’ve referred to it as a bimetal Skywalker that was improved in just about every aspect and I know that many feel similarly about it. I’m sure the many other variations of it are great too.

Not bimetal, titanium or new and exciting, but Blink, e=mc2 and Stargazer are all slam dunk home run hole in one yahtzees for me and they fall in that spec range and are pretty frequently available on the BST.

Thanks everyone–some great choices to consider.

Slasher isn’t quite sub 54 / 42 but it’s right at those marks so might be a good one to consider. We just got them in and they play great, highly recommend!

Turning Point RT is another great undersized high end throw too.

YYR Stardust v2. I have one if you’re interested. 52mm diameter, 40mm width.

I’m hearing good things about the Slasher, may have to pull the trigger.

Any restock of the RT planned? I have looked at it, but not a huge fan of the two colorways still available. Thanks!

Pretty sure the rt is discontinued. They haven’t restock them in like a year and a half

Another suggestion is the something Angle

I love mine to death so much.

Not completely undersized but not midsized.

TP paranoid…

YYR Six is amazing

If you can find one the YoYoFactory Hectic is nice.
Diameter (mm) 50.04
Width (mm) 35.37
Weight (g) 66.6
Yes, it’s legacy stuff at this point but a nice player nevertheless.

I have yomega prodigy
Its realy fast and its great
it very good for horizontal finger spin if you know how it work.
it has a long spin time and you can do the all tricks(horizontal tricks,slack tricks,long tricks,etc.

Thanks everyone, I’ve got several throws coming to me (Slasher, Agonist, Spurnick… some others). I appreciate the responses!

Dang all at once

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Can anyone give some thoughts about the Angle? I know it’s a few years old now, but wanted to see how people liked it in case one comes up for a good price.

I have one .

Plays like a smaller anglam. Still feels nice and floaty without feeling compact and dense due to being undersized

Best undersized for horizontal

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The Prodigy isn’t small. It’s full-sized!