Small or large bearing for DV888


SHould i get a large or small bearing for my DV888


If you do 1a more, I suggest large bearing.


Small bearing.

It can bind easier at low RPM’s than leage bearings can.

It is also easier for 5A, or Snap-Starting.

Large bearings allow more string layers.



If you like string tricks with lots of layers, get a large bearing.

If you like string tricks with not too many layers, get the small bearing.

But small bearings are more for 5A, if you don’t olan to do that, I would reccomend a large bearing


IS brain twister alot of string layers


Not too many. Only 2 layers.

Small bearing is for less layers, large bearing is for more string layers. :wink:


I know but are u able to do brain twister on the small bearing


Small or large.



Wise words from Lilith Bunny:



Yeah - did she move on to YYN?


Yeah, and she made good for that “Bunny Rope” incident.


whats the bunny rope incident


I don’t want to start anything here, so i’m gonna pm you about it.


Yeah. What is it?


Basically, she advertised some of her string, a lot of people bought it, and she never sent them out.

I don’t know if she made good for it, but if she did…yay.


You know guys, I think I can catch her on YYN.

I can try to, it might work, report her to Pat.

Samad, that was funny. Somebody PM’d me about it 2 seconds ago. :stuck_out_tongue:


How much for it, and who bought it?


Guys it’s okay, she made amends for it. I’ll PM the link to whoever wants it.




it was a long time ago, you cant do anyting anyway

plus, it wouldnt be like pat cood do anything about it besides ban her. but if he banned her, and she decided to make amends for it, she wouldnt no who to send it 2

plus, she made many good posts and was a valuable person to yoyonashun
but it is all over.