Small metal

I’ve been looking at a couple of smaller metal yoyos. Does anyone prefer them over a larger yoyo. One thrower warned me that I would bust up my hands with them. Thoughts?


I’ve heard great things about the rain city skills loonie.

Personally I have a Recess Snack that I’m quite fond of.


It is good to have a smaller yo-yo in your collection because they do play differently. Same reason you should also have an oversized :slight_smile:

Don’t go too small though. C3 Token is recommendable, and I also like the Snack.

(Honestly undersized is the one place where @zslane’s “bimetals or else” philosophy makes the most sense. Only so much material to work with in that form factor…)


Yoyofreaks hastag mono is great! And it’s only $25

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I’ve been meaning to get a smaller yoyo myself. My hands are on the smaller side, so chopsticks and anything involving me throwing the yoyo through a triangle close to the hand like superman or hourglass seem more difficult than they should.

The only smaller yoyo that I go back to time and time again is the DV888.

I DON’T MEAN as it comes in the packet with the crazy short string, thin bearing and horrible sticky-outy response pads.

I mean setup with a CT bearing and flowable silicone response. It plays very well like this.


Meh, the mono is too small to me, it’s too close to “novelty small” like the Flea and the Heist.

I actually agree with the implied statement in @Glenacius_K’s post which is that old-timey 2005 yo-yo diameter is the new “small”. Not that one in particular obviously, but the general sentiment. :wink:


You really can’t go wrong with any of the smaller One Drops. I haven’t played one I don’t like.

Agreed! Small is nice and has a respectable and solid feel in the hand like any yoyo would. I personally love new model Duncan Raptor for a smaller throw. One Drop Rebirth is a killer size as well but it just depends how small you want to go. Iv become quite fond of the small diameter, which would be in my opinion anything smaller that 2.2mm

The Recess Snack and the Turning Point Counter Jet are my top 2 undersized yoyos at the moment.

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I love my Recess Snack. Lives from coat pocket to coat pocket.

I like my TP leviathan. I don’t even know if thats considered an undersize but it is smaller and super fun

I have owned a few smaller…yelets, continuum, barracuda jr, zebra, og token, and the quark. The quark is my favorite. Not sure how to explain it, but it fits comfortably in the hand like a full-sized, something about the gap…and is easy to play.

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n5 desperado for 5a

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