small yoyos?

i have noticed that a lot of people have taken a liking to smaller yoyos and i was curious as to why.
i have never played with anything smaller than my LF. i wish i knew someone to try on out but no one that i know of in the whole city of houston yoyos.
so what do yall prefer in terms of size and why?

p.s. i know it is all about preference i am just curious as to others preferences.

i like small yoyos because they feel good in my hands and easy to take places but mostly it just feels good for me but other like bigger yoyos its just wat you like

Smaller yo-yo’s just fit my hand better.

This is basically about the hands of different persons. You like yoyos that feel good in your hands.

yeah i agree with everbody else that it fits good in the hand, but in my opinion after playing with a smaller yoyo its hard to go bag to bigger one’s, once you try one you will understand.

I actually like my Dark Magic over my M1s size-wise (which I got after playing my M1 for a good amount of time). I find it to actually fill my hand a lot more. The M1 is just ‘there’ while the Dark Magic really hits the meat.

I definitely like them small. As others have said, they fit in the hand better since I have small hands. I also think they are easier to do string tricks with because it is easier to land on the string you want.

I like Hitman size. Not too big, nor too small. :wink:

I like both. I prefer small yoyos for 1a and for 5a I like bigger yoyos however I dont mind using a big yoyo for 1a or small for 5a.

I use a smaller yoyo because it’s easier to fit in my pocket. Plus a lot lighter.


The size of the yoyo is not necessarily related to the weight. Let’s take the M1 for an example. It is
50 mm tall and 35 mm wide, which is pretty small. Then take a look at the Meteor. It’s 56 mm tall and 40 mm wide. And even though the Meteor is a lot bigger than the M1, it is actually a gram lighter.

Addment: The weight of the yoyo is decided by the maker, not the size.

I like slightly undersized yoyos, but I wouldn’t mind a big one.

I love undersized yo-yo’s now that I have my dv888. Some more are the 888, dv888, M1, Frantic, Hectic.

i was considering getting a dv888 as my next yoyo and didnt know if i would like the small size. i really wish i knew someone with one, but from all that i have heard about it i dont think i can go wrong.

It is a very good yo-yo. I thought I wouldn’t like the undersized type, but now I love it. The only problem is my dv888 broke and I feel sick.

How did it break?