Attack of the Small Yo-Yos!

I thought I was a large yo-yo kinda guy, but I got this fella today - bought it on a whim wanting something with Darth Vader colors and being intrigued by a YouTube review - and i freaking LOVE it!

It was like $22 with 2-day shipping or something!


Anyone have any undersized throws they wanna share??



i always knew i liked smaller yoyos since i got an od prescription and rebirth but that one great time i had playing a marmot 2 and sparrow through a local yoyo group sealed my love for sub 52mm lads. i lucked out and got a spyder II from the bst, then later got a sweet cookies’n cream turning point II. they’re currently my favorites in the rotation.

spyder is good ol’ mid school fun and those spikes add a little flare for the odd matador trick here and there while the turning point II has some legit chops for more taxing tricks all thanks to its width and decent rim weight while rocking that compact diameter, definitely a recommend and they’re still in stock here.


If we’re talking small then here are a few that I’ve tried.

From top to bottom and left to right:
Fallen angel, YYF lowerkase, DD Assassin, OD Rebirth for scale, and BBYY Wedgie.

I would have to say the ones that I’ve played the most would have to be the wedgie and Rebirth, both of them had been EDC throws that I would regularly take with me.

One problem is that I can’t really describe how they play mostly because I’ve never really understood the descriptions of “floaty, or heavy on the string, or fast.” so I’ve personally loved them since I got them waaaaay back in early college.

I wish wedgies were still around more, they’re such a great throw.


The Wedgie is such a good yoyo. Small bearing, unique shape, and wonderful player.


Unfortunately enough I lost the original ceramic bearing that was with it, it seized, unscrewed itself while I was over my lawn and dissapered into the grass and I never saw it again.

So I just have a duncan A size bearing in there for the past 11 years?


Some of my undersized throws 52 and below I think


hot darn my dude them’s a lot of pickaxes, how’s your experience with them? love the 28 stories they did for that run, too


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You really like your pickaxes huh haha


It is a nice throw with great color ways. The truth about why so many.
I am an old guy with 5 kids. I wanted to get a throws for the kids so that when I decide… I will pass down to each child as the child’s 1st nice throw the CLYW Pickax. I think it is a capable 1st nice undersized throw. I have gotten color ways that are representative of each child.
Deep Blue, 1st boy, Gabriel 23 y
Salmon Fade, 1st girl, Isabella 20y
28 Stories, 2nd boy, Gianni 2y
Hulk Smash, 3rd boy George 1y
Mystique - 2nd girl Ande ( on the way )

I am always throwing here and there the kids see me throwing all the time. If nothing else and they only get this one throw out of the collection. They may or may not throw but they will have this part of me as their connection to all of this. Thank you to all of you who have helped me land so many nice throws. Have a great rest of the week everyone.


Rebirth is soooooooolid


What’s the red one under the salmon fade pickaxe?

Oxygene 5 aluminum with OG bearing seat. It is a wonderful throw. I think the bearing seat changed shortly after this run.

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I have 3 Roadrunners, good player.

Anybody else got an Ooch Smoov?


Its not the size… its how you use it! :wink: :rofl: :rofl:


Are we talking undersized, or anything small, undersized, mini, micro, etc.?

Re. the definition of “small”: I say keep the definition open and the conversation going!

UPDATE: ordered three more colorways of the Roadrunner! I keep grabbing it and just fidgeting with it even if not throwing - love the ridges and finish and everything!


If we’re including mini yoyos in the mix too, the minirage is neat. 44mm diameter with a nonstandard slim D bearing. Comparison next to its full sized sibling. Despite being responsive, it doesn’t feel very good for 0A. Super rim weighted with very low walls. It feels really fun though for playing the type of 1A you’d throw on a stock Freehand One. It’s like a mini oldschool 1A yoyo.

I don’t play too many small yoyos in general, but I’ve noticed that I like playing them a lot more with shorter string. My normal string length on sub 50mm yoyos starts to feel awkward, like I’m just playing with a string that has a weight attached to the end. Shortening my string up a fair bit gets back the normal yoyo feeling though lol.


My favorite small/mid-size throw is the N8. I have taken it all over the place. MagicYoYo came out with a smaller Yo-Yo which I don’t think went to market or only in a limited quantity this doesn’t have any branding on it. Then on the other side of the spectrum is the K8.