Slusny NEST

Something like 10 months ago, you maybe saw first prototype pictures of NEST, yo-yo designed by Petr Kavka. After few different prototypes, looking for best manufacturer, trying different materials( in the end, it is made from 7075!) and after long waiting, Nest is finally coming to full production. Right now, they are just waiting to get anodized and to get finished boxes(which will be also really nice looking) and are ready to go for sale.

Final specs:
Diameter: 58,9 mm
Width: 44,2 mm
Weight: 66,25 g
Gap: 4,9 mm
Bearing: Size C, Centrac
Response: CBC pad
Material: 7075 Aluminium

Fully made in Czech Republic

Price will be around 100-120$

More pictures.

Nice looking!


66 gram 59 mm diameter… very interesting

Looks great!!!

HEY, Bina, this is Tyler Young.

It’s big, but looks cool!

My thoughts exactly

So after long waiting, second run is being finished and it should be available in different shops around world.

First run was only made in solid black colour and for sale on Czech nationals and local shops.

Those are some nice colorways. I’m digging the one on the far right.

These look fantastic!


Little on the light side is the only negative thing I can say. I’m excited. :slight_smile: now we wait for 100$ prices… Yay.

Nest is now going to be available in different stores around the World.

Kavka clearly likes bigger throws and undercuts when you compare this thing to the Cliff. I love how my Cliff plays though so I’m sure this will work nicely.

They share dimensions and undercut, but plays really different. I prefer Nest.

How can I get one in the u.s???