SLUSNY Nest Vs YYR Attune Vs YYR Re Clash

Soooo, I was Browsing around
and saw these 3 yoyos that really caught my eye.

I don’t usually ask for help
As often anymore
but Since I’m Currently on a budget,
Due to my Upcoming Company.
I Shouldn’t Splurge and buy all 3, as i usually would have.

My Question is. Which one should i get?

Nest, Attune, Re Clash

They all seem to suit what i like.
Play wise i mean.

I like to do some fast, somewhat flowy and speedy tech
With so large smooth slacks.

But i also like doing Body tricks, and 3D/ Off axis tricks
Like Horizontal regens etc.

Grinding isn’t an issue. As i can just get it Blasted haha.

What do you guys think?

These are all three yoyos i’m guessing rather few on this forum have/have tried. Alex Fairhurst did a good review on the Re Clash though. I guess he’s the man to ask about YYR

I have an Attune on the way to me, so that would be my choice. All 3 look amazing. I am confused by YYSR’s description of the Re Clash though which says it has the same diameter as the Dreadnought? I dunno, everywhere i look it says it’s 55-56mm, very odd. Attune will obviously be the most comfortable in hand, and it’s smaller than the others, so seems like size might dictate a bit of your decision. Doubt you’re gonna find anyone who’s played them all though. Good luck!