Slow motion magic drop

Does anyone know a video of this? I’m a bit confused about this trick and would like to see it.

I know that feeling. I scoured the net for slow-mo showing EXACTLY when the string pops out of the yoyo and stuff… never found one.

Instead, I just followed the MFD tutorial ( and got some tips from another forum thread, and just did it. The MFD video has some slow-mo but it didn’t fully give me the view I was craving… nonetheless, the instructions were great.

There were two keys for me (I think both are in the MFD tutorial): spreading the strings with the non-throw-hand in anticipation of the drop, and angling my throwhand “gun” inwards with my thumb pointing toward my left shoulder.

The point I’m trying to get to, though: just practicing it on faith (without fully understanding what’s going on) will probably see you landing it soon enough, and once you land it a time or two, you’ll “get it” better than just watching a slow-mo video.

Here you go. Just have to get through a few walls of text but there’s some decent slow mo video for you as well.


For some reason, that HSYY video never did it for me. But it might help others!

When first learning the 'Drop, it took forever.
It’s one of them tricks… but when I finally stated to get it, I found a distinct, chopping motion, with the throw hand, helped.
Ill try to explain as best I can.
When you hit your index finger(throw hand) on the string to initiate the rejection, after sitting in trapeze, then swinging the trap up into your finger, think of a karate chop, and sort of give the string one with your throw hand. Just a really short lil chop, you just want to contact the string, like you were bouncing you hand on it, not cut it in half, its a very quick movement.
I found this really helped to initiate the string rejection.
After learning this way, I can get very slow and deliberate rejections.
I have no way to make a video, or I would try to show you what I mean.
I think once you do it a couple of times, and think about it, youll see what I am getting at.
Good luck, dont give up, but dont be afraid of just letting it go for now.
I kept coming back to the MD every couple of weeks till I got it, you cant, or you shouldnt, let one trick dictate your fun quota.
Good luck with it, you will get it.

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SO far I can get it to regect most of the time but landing on the back string is my problem

Spreading apart with the non throwhand made this a breeze; plus when swinging the yoyo around the throwhand, consciously aim for that back string now that it’s spread backwards as an easy target.

this one good besides his nasty thumbnail

So, the point of making the L shape is not to do some chopsticks maneuver?

No chopsticks involved at all (thank god!).


So, what is the point?

Magic! Magic is always the point.

Making the l shape allows the string to stay taut and make contact with the yoyo walls while it swings over your throwhand. This allows the string to reject- the biggest thing that helped me was keeping the L-shape on my throwhand still, which let the string reject. If I move my hand with the yoyo while it swings around, the string usually doesn’t reject, and I get all sad.

Somebody feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but thats how I see it.

Here’s another if you haven’t seen it.