Slimline recomendations

All the slimline and fixed axles on this forum have piqued my interests, so I guess I’m looking to pickup a slimline yoyo. So far I’ve got a yomega fireball that plays like a responsive and its light-up counterpart (Yomega Spectrum) so my slimmer yoyo collection is lacking.

I’ve decided to pickup a OD Deep State since I’ve been hearing so many good things about it and it isn’t crazy expensive. Anyone got any other recomendations?


Deep State.


/giggle :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a Deep State set up as responsive (highly lubed) which is a lot like a high end metal fixed axle and is a ton of fun to just toss around. It’s responsive enough to do loops with…if I could actually do them! lol

A second set up as semi-responsive (cleaned bearing, then added a slight amount of lube). It returns with a hard tug, but it’s not as responsive as my other. I can’t loop with it, and even doing forward passes is really difficult because the yo wants to sleep at the end of the string.

And a third set up as unresponsive. Cleaned bearing with no lube…and I took one of the response rings out. It requires a bind to return, though the binds are a bit looser than I’d like. I might try to add a tiny bit of lube to see if that helps.

Of the 3, surprisingly I’m enjoying the unresponsive the most. I don’t know any fixed axle tricks yet so I don’t toss the other 2 around too much. But the unresponsive is a TON of fun to throw around!

It’s the only slimline I’ve tried (unless you want to go waaaay back to the early 2000’s lol)…so I can’t compare it to anything. But I do LOVE them! They look incredible, are fun as hell to play with and feel great in the hand!

YoYoFactory has purple B-Grade Confusions on sale for just $20 (with $5 shipping) on their site right now. They look like a ton of fun (and the purple is beautiful IMHO). And the Rain City Skills Gamer has gotten a lot of great reviews. It’s cool throw too because it comes with a ton of nice extras like a case and lube. I really want to pick one of these guys up eventually…just cause I think it’s such a great value at $45 with all the included extras.

Then there’s the Alleycat 650b that has gotten a ton of great reviews and looks really nice too.

Another cool thing I like about the Deep State…is the side effects. They subtly change the weight of the yo (I’m way too noob to know the difference haha)…but what I like about them, is they totally change the way the yo looks and there’s a lot of awesome color combinations you can make to really personalize the yo to your tastes.

The Deep State is awesome. It’s my favorite yo-yo atm. It’s awesome that you can tune the response to play just the way you want it to, and they look so damn stunning! Feel so fantastic in the hand!!

Sorry for the super long reply! :frowning:


It’s a ton of insight which is exactly what I’m looking for!

I checked out YYE’s page on it and it looks really clean and comfortable with the matte finish and curves.

I misplaced my thick lube somewhere so that’s actually really helpful. The shape of it is kinda off putting for me though

and the same for the Confusion.

There are a ton of great options for slimline throws and there isn’t an end all be all…

but there kinda is…

This made me laugh.

I’ve been meaning to get a OD yoyo with SE for like 2-3 years now. The Par Avion I have is fun once I get used to it, but it’s not SE which makes me sad. I think the ability to mix up your yoyo’s looks and even feel for only 12$ is great. Not to mention that your yoyo basically never becomes unusable because of axle issues.
I played a bit of fixed axle on my yyf legend (while it still worked) so I learned a thing or two about cool responsive tricks.


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If you want a yoyo that has a bearing but plays like a fixie, I would recommend an alleycat. The deep state is great, but the large bearing doesn’t make it great for holding stalls. A really good fixie I would recommend would be a Duncan wheels (the old school one with the metal axle) or a harbinger from @Glenacius_K


Yes yes yes, one of the best fixes currently available. Totally custom too! He can make it in different woods, they all play differently [different weights and densities]

Glen is a really great guy too :wink:


Aw shucks. Thanks guys.


Alley Cat or Confusion. Both are great.


What kinds of tricks do you want to do?
If it’s stall-based stuff, Moons, Stop N Go’s, or flips the AlleyCat 650b is definitely my recommendation. We worked really hard to make that yoyo behave like a fixed axle (but with the added zip of a bearing). It’s like a c. 2001 yoyo but structurally sound and with consistent response. If what you want is a fixed axle, don’t expect to be satisfied with a metal slimline.


I have my first slimline responsive yoyo on the way to me: a Rain City Gamer (well I say first, I did own a Pro Yo II and Turbo Bumblebee over 20 years ago)


Either get a wooden fixie from OUT or TMBR or wait for @DocPop to put out the Weekender!


Ed is right (of course!) about what kind of tricks you want to do. One slim line I really like that doesn’t get a lot of attention is the custom AXL and the Elite. Both are real slim, as responsive as you want them, and great for stalls and STM. I usually de-shield the bearings and put a tiny bit of grease in them , they are real responsive but still sleep fine.


The Elite is a personal favorite of mine. It was the biggest inspiration for the Weekender too.