sliding counterweight

what are some cool sliding counterweight tricks

its a dead style, hard to find tricks :-\

check out some Astrojax tricks, that is what sliding 5A originated from, I am positive you will find some of the help you desire there. :smiley:

What is sliding counterweight, is it like what Tyler Severance did for his cool tangler liek thing at his 2007 worlds winning freestyle? And if so, how do you tie the counterweight for that?

Sliding counter weight is when you have a normal counterweiht attached and another one one the string that can move up and down.

How do you tie it?

you dont its sliding. :o

Check it out there are all sorts of weird styles.

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Tyler used to do that all the time, I’ve even showed you.

Oh, thanks!

There are 2 counterwheights, tie one and just thread the other one.Have a smaller hole in the counterwheight.

EDIT:2 counterwheights where in the first video, thats Double D. in just the sliding counterwheight you ether:1.Just have a bigger knot at the end of the string. 2.Have a smaller hole in the counterwheight.

1 Like  Tyler does it at 1:40.  And thanks guys!!!

you could either put one normal counter weight on and then put another one on the string but you can also make a big knot on the end of the string and put a counterweight on

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how did tyler go from that look to his current look :o

??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???




long hair = much cooler

anyways… this is intriguing me alot… if i was going to get into counterweight, id do the DD. that is so fricken sweet… i love how Tyler only used it for like 10 seconds… but he left everybody wanting more… especially me. i cant believe that… it opens up a whole new realm of tricks…

i didt care much for 5A… but now… wow

I think he did sliding counterweight not dd because there was a big knot at the end of the string instead of a counterweight

I think he looks much better now.