Astro, Sliding counterweight, DD, Slithery Eel

I feel this topic need to be brought up.
I don’t really know what I want to do with this thread, it’s just that these styles are being lowered into its grave.
Or already buried.
1: How do I tie a sliding counterweight?
2: How do I tie DD?
3: What’s different between Astro, Sliding, and DD? I know Slithery is no counterweighted 5a.
4: Anyone got ANY tutorials? It would help.
Any info would be greatly appreciated.

To tie a sliding counterweight, just attach a counterweight as you normally would then slide another counterweight onto the string afterwards.

Astro, DD, and sliding counterweight styles are all the same thing, more or less. Some people would define Astro/sliding as having only one counterweight with a bead at the end of the string (think takeshi dice), that prevents counterweight from sliding off the end. DD uses a counterweight on the end of a string rather than a bead.

Thanks, Jake. Nice job at nationals last year :slight_smile:

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