Mobius 5A?

Hey all! Just wondering if anyone does mobius counter weight :slight_smile:


How would that work?

Undoing the slip knot in the counter weight and doing tricks on it :slight_smile:

There is a style I think called FlyTraps which is what you’re after, where you’re doing mostly releases of the slipknot, but you’re not using a CW.

Taking the CW off the slipknot would be a bit tricky while in play. Putting it back would be even trickier.

Putting it back would just be a matter of pulling on the CW to the end of the string. Undoing it I could see being hard, but maybe you could learn to do it with one hand. I’m wondering if we have different ways of mounting our counterweights.

I know I use this method:

If you are going to mount and unmount your counterweight by completely removing the yoyo from the string while in play, more power to you.

Once you remove the counterweight, you’re no longer 5A.

Also, depending on the counterweight and the hole and the string thickness and how you tie the knot(I tie a figure8, it tends to be a touch larger), alternate methods may not be possible. Imagine if you were using a Takeshi dice with the bead?

We definitely mount our CWs differently, watch the video.

It’s called astrobius (combination of astro and moebius). It’s tough, and very few people have tried experimenting with it.

Give it a try.

No results when I searched it on youtube, are there any videos?

Not to my knowledge. I think Steve Brown had one astrobius trick video, but I can’t find it.

I did. That’s how I mount my CW’s, by running the string completely through it like in the video that I watched over 2 years ago.

Some pretty good information here.

This is your best bet, but doing anything fancy is HARD. I remember seeing a video of Zammy that featured full, no hands releases.

Otherwise, the CW combined with an open slipknot would kind of cancel each other out, as their styles are similar, but different enough that they contradict one another.

I believe it is called Astrobius.

I tried this a while ago… Not a good idea.

Zammy does. Pretty fun stuff and yet incredibly difficult. Even more difficult compared to regular Moebius.

Set up string/counterweight for 5a. Put string through the loop to create a slipknot over the CW. The CWwill now be IN the slipknot. Put two fingers inside the loop while also holding the CW similar to 5a.

Don’t be scared of the heavy makeup, I was a heavy goth in the past. This has been the only Astrobius video I have ever done and more than likely will be.

Yup, the No-hands video featured almost every single “no-handed” trick that I know. Good stuff.

Also, you are very correct in your statement. They do cancel eachother out and thus trying to do new material for the style is quite a task to do. From what I understand, Astrobius, similar to playing Double Dice, Allows slack to be moved easier due to the use of the counterweight. So tricks that are difficult to move the string will be easier to do. Thats what I’ve learned out of it.

Due to this post I have been playing a bit of Astrobius, maybe I will make something of it.


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Double Dice Möbius. :smiley: