weird 5a thingy

i’ve heard that there’s a kind of 5a style in which you not only have the one weight, but there is another one sliding around on the string. could somebody verify this, and if i’ve heard right, send me a tut? ???

I don’t think it is sliding on the string, just another counterweight at the middle of the string.

Some 5A players use it, as it can give more momentum or velocity for fast tricks.

Yeah, it’s called DD (Double Dice).

Here’s David Mellons, He’s known for that kind of 5A:

Skip to about 1:30-ish

There are other videos, but I couldn’t find them.

Edit: Aww, I got beat to it.

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I could see how it affects the winding Yo-Yo.

The counterweight would get into the way while comming up the string, wouldn’t it?

And it could get knots by wrapping string around the middle one.

yes double dicing
it is easy to learn and looks cool

The crucial thing in DD is to not let the second dice to drop down against the yo-yo (if you’re not doing tricks that require it, of course.). In addition, if you use two dices (I’m talking about the ones you get with FHs) while throwing, the added weight may make the yo-yo unsuitable for traditional 5A.

It’s fun, though, and very, very, cool.

Here’s some more David Mellons with new sound -the original track was deleted from the original video.

This is totally wrong, the counterweight does slide, and its for astro tricks (astrojax inspired 5a) they are not used for momentum or velocity.

Sorry. :slight_smile:

I didn’t know. That’s why I posted I think. :stuck_out_tongue:

It is also called astro…

astro at 1:40

That was preety cool.

Sounds like the music was by Lupe Fiasco.

nah it was the roots but yeah it was pretty cool