5A yoyoing

What is 5A YOYOING

Yoyoing where the string isn’t tied to your finger.
Attached to a counterweight.

You already made a thread for 1A yoyoing, ask about 5A there.

5A is where the yoyo is sleeping but there is no spilt knot around your finger, but a counter wheight.

5A Yo-Yoing is when you play with the Yo-Yo without it on your finger.

Counterweights are what goes on the part where your finger would be.


it is in the learn section, above maintenance, it says Counterweight. Those are the tricks. :wink:

5a yoyoing is when you have a counterweight attached to the string instead of putting it on your finger. You can buy counterweights here: http://yoyoexpert.com/product/duncan/counterweights/

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5A Yo-Yoing: