Sleipner, Blink, Some other YYR, or another Asian branded Yoyo?


Looking to venture into those all out performance Asian branded yoyos. Which should I get?


sleipnir is the classic go to throw but the draupnir is the new beast that yyr produces

As for other asian branded throws I would consider the new double joker from yoyojoker, the agonist or checkmate from yoyomonster, anglam CC or superfly remix from sOMEThING, leo sniper 2 from sturm panzer, and leviathan 5 from turning point.


If money isn’t an issue:
YYR: Draupnir, Laser or Sleipnir
YYM: Agonist
TP: Isotope 2

I’ve got the YYJoker Double Joker myself, and it’s a great throw, though i really don’t think it stacks up with those mentioned above


OG Double Joker or the New Double Joker?

I think the New Double Joker does stack up to these throws. It is very elegant.


The new one with the delrin-ring surrounding the bearing seat. It is indeed a very good throw, though i just don’t think it stacks up with the other i mentioned…