Sleeping Time

Which sleeps longer? PGM, X-ConVict, Speeder, or Sigma Blade Zwei?

Hard to tell. But I think it might be the Speeder.

Addment: May I ask why you want to know this?

For 1A.

Weight plays a big difference but a bigger part would be your throw. You have to have a really good hard throw.

the sleep times on all those yos are good.

But you should know that sleep time really also depends on your throw.

You can have the best, awesome bearing, hyper rim weighted yoyo ever, but if the throw is off, its nothing.

Out of those yos, all will have a very nice spin time, well enough to pull off all combos you may throw at it.

I have found that my speeder spins quite a while, I used it in a sleeping contest at the 2008 YYN meet and I won.

Good luck with whatever you choose!


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Josh speaks the truth.