Queston o avg sleep times?

Well i was wondering what are the avg sleep times for the
Big Ben
Speed Maker
Lyn Fury

You dont have to answer all the main ones i want to know are Velocity Leagacy Journey Lyn FUry ty

trust me later on you wont be asking for sleep times.

anyways it depends on the bearing, whats the condition, the response, the string, and the yoyoer itself. So i cant give you a specific spin time but i can tell you those can go well over 2min-if you have a good throw.

anyways a velocity will do good

Ok the avg for the…

legacy would probably be around 2 min with a good throw.

Im not sure but maybe around 1.5 min

The Speed maker for me slept for 2.5 min.

And i dont know about the others though.

If you are trying to decide on which yoyo to get, then you should get the Speed Maker because i started out with it as a beginner, and it took me all the way to advance.
Pros: It looks pretty cool. 9/10
It is a good starter yoyo, it can be unresponsive and responsive just by adjusting the sides. 10/10
It has a wide gap, good for landing the yoyo on the string. 10/10
Really smoothe too! 9/10

Cons: It doesnt sleep as long as a Dark Magic but its still good.
In my opinion its kinda small.
And nothing else that i could think of at this point

Keep Practicing, and good luck picking a yoyo!

Wow. No.

Sleep time will be different for every person, every yoyo, every bearing, every whatever else. If you’re asking sleep time, you need to reconsider what you’re looking for in a yoyo because any yoyo will sleep plenty long enough to do tricks.

Addment:Somebody will come in here and say they slept any of those yoyos for 3 or 4 minutes, I could almost guarantee it.

if you adjust the gap to the max, the binds will be loose and slippery

You shouldn’t say that the Speedmakers being small is a con. You may not like it, but someone else might.

Really? my Legacy slept for 4 minutes once and my speedmaker slept for 3. Also, if the DM is lubed up and the speedmaker is dry I’m sure a Speedmaker will sleep longer.