Can somebody give me some sleep times for shutter,clyw borealis,G2 Banshee(if anybody has a proto,id love to hear how it plays!) and a TP Isotope?


Shutter you’ll get exactly 2:11
Borealis clocks in at 2:55, and that’s it.
G2 banshee your lookin at about 1:59 and not a second more.
Tp isotope about 4 hours give or take.

(major_seventh) #3

All yoyos these days will sleep as long as you need them to.


I don’t even bother timing how long my sleepers are, I just know they’re long enough to get me through what I need it to do.

Stability on the other hand is another factor. I found the Banshee (all 3 prototype versions), Shutter and Borealis being pretty stable.


As noted above, all modern yoyos sleep as long as you need them to. Keep in mind that sleep time on today’s yoyos is really not that important when doing tricks as the forces and friction effects on the yoyo are entirely different when doing tricks than in a sleep.


I guess now it’s more important how powerful the spin is. How much the yoyo resists slowing down due to forces and inconsistencies in play during combos.


Correct :ok_hand:t3:


Honestly used to love to time my sleepers (as some of you probably noticed with all the topics I made about it :stuck_out_tongue: ). I don’t really do it anymore but 4 and a half minutes snap start on a replay pro still makes me happy though :wink:

People have pretty much hit all the points I was going to make so… Yeah…

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All yoyos you mentioned above, and pretty much every modern yoyos that has bearing can sleep at least 5 minutes easily.