Speeder or PGM?

Which is better? (Spins longer?) Please don’t comment if you are talking about how good your throw is. Its stupid and people are wanting to know the answer to their question. Don’t be a critique.

You answered it yourself, you’re going to get mad BUT -

It’s the throw, not the Yo.

But IMO and in my hands, PGM is longer.

I’m gonna have to go with the PGM.


Are you buying one?

pgm. i have both, and the spec bearing is nice

Don’t get one because we say so! I might like one that you don’t like!

thats true. the two are completel different and we dont know your preferences

And seriously, it depends on your throw. You can give a Catch22 to a noob, but then I can still get a longer sleeper with a… Dark Magic, Flying Panda.

I wouldn’t do that if i were you, the noob would probably OBLIDERATE AND DESTROY IT! MUAHAAHAHHAAHAH!!! Sorry. Its your throw, not the yo. Haha jk, i’ll probably be getting a pgm tomorrow though.

I personally like Speeders better, but most people like the PGM better, so it’s your choice.

-Mitchell Purdy

Does this mean that you want the yoyo that sleeps longer or just the best one. Sleep times depends on a lot of thing. But I think that with the same bearing in both yoyos, the Speeder might draw the longer straw. If you are looking for the best yoyo, we would really need to know your preferences.

Addment: When you say that people shouldn’t give answers about your throw, you are saying that they should answer wrong.

i dont like the speeder it feels weird. the pgm is way better. i have one and it is a long sleeping, durable, machine. :smiley: