Sleep time for YYF WHIP?


Sleep time for YYF WHIP?


Depends on how well you can throw it. Got 2+ minutes on a good hard throw and just letting it sit on the end of the string before I got bored and brought it back with a bind. I think that was one of the last times I ever wasted time doing that sort of thing.


Longer than you need.

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Some people like to do more then one or two lame tricks…
With one throw.


2 minutes of sleep time?

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Easily. You just need to work on your throw.

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Or mod it.


No, he needs a new bearing, a new string, and a new yoyo and a new throw.

That should do it. All variables covered.


I have a yoyofactory whip and I would really like some more sleep time. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great yoyo for the price but even with a good strong throw sometimes I have trouble getting all the way through skin the gerbil or mcbrides rollercoaster. It’s just too light IMO.

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Does it really matter?
Its a 10$ throw and your not going for the longest sleep time.
You just need enough to do some tricks and bring it back.
I would say about 30-40 seconds on an average throw but clean the bearing and make sure its unresponsive.
Also put silicone in it if you want
Throw a nice throw with some nice 100% Polyster and your good to go my friend.


The Whip is capable of doing everything you could possibly do on a metal…in the right hands.

There are limited modding options to implement for the average yoyoer, and are completely unnecessary.

The Whip is certainly a yoyo that directly reflects your skill level.

I feel it is too light for my tastes as well…but aside from binding it earlier than my metal throws, I can perform all of my tricks on it with little more difficulty than on a high end aluminum.

The purpose of the One and Whip were to introduce yoyoing at a very affordable price to those interested.

It also makes a great “Glove box” yoyo.