Slashin' Ropes *Sythaaaa!*

I’ve always wanted to get a custom made Cyclops String Cutter, because they look so fly, but YoYo String Lab string is just a perfect length for me (~46"), so I have no reason to trim it (Matt just gets me).

Do you cut your string? And if so, how long do you like it?

I like the length of YYE 100% poly. So if i’m using kitty string i’ll cut it to that length.

I agree links, i like the yysl length, and i only have maybe an inch left over usually

In my life, being fly is a necessity. I live by these words, and these words only:
“If you ain’t fresh, then what is you?”
If you ever want to say that, you have my permission. And for the love of god, if you do tie off your strings CUT OFF THE EXCESS. It makes me want to punch the person closest to me.


I used to cut strings to bellybutton height like they say, but that always felt uncomfortably short. The default length of the YYE poly is perfect for me. And I’m with Hippo Samurai, seeing tons of string hanging off the finger loop bugs me to hell.

I cut my string just below my chest but usually I don’t use a string cutter just scissors but last night I found my YYF tool so maybe I’ll start using that?

I usually just use whatever length the string comes with. Doesn’t matter too much to me.

Although given the choice with strings that don’t come looped. I often cut it at roughly the length of the average tiger tail.


I cut mine at belly button height. I’ve thought about using longer, but whenever I’ve tried it just felt awkward. I do use a longer string for 4a though.

Cyclops String Cutters are dope. Definitely worth the… what is it? $12? I got one of Bart Simpson exposing his rear end. Legodudester did a fantastic job. So well infact, I don’t even use it because I’m scared I’ll break it. That and scissors are much quicker, but yes, he stands by my case and looks fly.

Also this:

Someone should have a Custom Scyther Cyclops String Cutter! When I was deciding what I wanted, I was going to pick a Pokemon initially, but couldn’t think of which one I’d want. Shucks.

i do because i like kitty string… about a half inch above my belly button usually. I usually use a knife or this gerber tool on my keys.

I don’t know why, but I love extra long string.

I got a Phoenix Wright string cutter made by Cyclops. Amazing.

If you were to get one, what design would you ask him to make?

More slack, more wraps, and more potential for body involvement perhaps?


I can also space out tricks that would usually be sort of cramped with a regular sized string. I love it. I believe it’s the yyf extra long string or something like that.

Gonna need to pick some of that up.

Where do people get those? Someone had one at Cal states and it was pretty cool.

Legodudester on these forums. I got myself a domo one!!

1 inch above belly button / nail clippers.

A reg Kitty is my perfect match 8)

To be honest, I only use my cutter for string that doesn’t already have a slip knot to cut off the little tail that is left.