Slack bind

I was watching Yuuki´s freestyle so I tried to do that slack bind around 00:17 and I got this bind.

Yeah, Tyler Severance does that too. It’s just a bind, but before you bind it, all you do is pinch it, and swing it over.

Yeah, pretty common. I was doing it a lot yesterday. Well, technically today since it was in the AM’s, but you know what I mean.

Yuuki Spencer didn’t create that bind, like almost every yoyoer does that bind.

Ok I´ll change the title.

Yeah, it’s cool that you figured that out, it really fun to do.

seems kinda pointless to me. the point of a bind is to bring the yoyo back up. that doesnt even look that good and its pretty risky too.

Lets try and be a little less ‘rude’ to each other on the forum - we want to encourage people to share ideas. :wink:

Ouch that was cold. >:( Let him do what he wants as long as it is following yoyoexpert guidelines.