Skyva finger spin not smooth


Hey guys just picked up a skyva and I really like it so far. My brother got one too and I tried his and his finger spins much smoother than mine. It is almost like the finger spin hub is not as smooth on mine or something. It doesn’t have vibe when not finger spinning though. Could I just hit the hubs with some fine grit sandpaper or will it get smooth over time? Let me know. Thanks guys :poop:


Is there any reason I shouldn’t just polish the hubs a little with fine grit sand paper?


Here is what the hubs look like




I would just give it time.


Just be patient.

Does the finger spin smoothness really affect finger spin times? If so, where did you get it? If you got it from YoYoExpert, contact them, they have amazing customer service


It seems like it does, but maybe not. I was just wondering if this is a common thing and if there is a common solution. It’s not bad enough to send back. I think I’ll just give it time if it doesn’t get better I’ll just try the sandpaper.


I really wouldn’t be too overly concerned with a $20 yoyo, particularly if it otherwise is smooth. (personal opinion)


True but my brothers does finger spin smoothly so I don’t know. I emailed yye asking if I should try sandpaper or just exchange it. Like you said it’s a $20 yoyo so it wouldn’t be the end of the world to just keep it as it is.


Start finger spinning it. Let it die out. Wind it up. Repeat. Mine doesn’t feel perfectly smooth either. It still does finger spins, right? They still work great, right? Enjoy it being a plastic that has its own unique feel and keep throwing :wink:

I will go out of my way in some cases to buy a beat yoyo that isn’t perfect. Perfection isn’t everything people make it to be.


This is why I buy b grades…


The Skyva fingerspin dimple is machined after the yoyo half is molded. If it feels vibey it could have been machined just slightly off.

We’d be happy to take a look at it as long as the yo-yo is still in new condition. So don’t use any sandpaper on it if you plan to send it back.


I think I’m gonna just keep playing it. It’s not that bad and it might get better over time. And if I wouldn’t have thrown my brother’s I probably never would have realized it. Thanks for all the help people.