The game I’ve anxiously awaited all year… is finally just a single week away. I’ve already made it clear to my family and friends that I will be beyond ‘unavailable’ after the release of this game, for roughly a week. After that week, I have obligations that need to be fulfilled so I’ll have to put it aside but hopefully by that point I’ll have had enough Skyrim to last me a few months. haha

Who else is excited? :slight_smile:


Man, I need to get out more I guess, I have no idea what skyrim is.



Except I have no money to buy Skyrim, so I’m going to friend’s to watch and (maybe) play a little bit. We’re gonna barricade ourselves in his room with supplies and never come out. Until we run out of food.


Skyrim looks so epic I played Oblivion a good bit at my friend’s and it was quite fun so I imagine that this is going to be awesome.


I plan to do the same. I’m so glad I have a room in my house that was set up for events like that. I put a good 400 + hours into Oblivion, I expect to put upwards of 600 into Skyrim.


Here ya go.


Two moar days…


So close…


Midnight release is merely a day away…


Sadly I wont be able to be at the midnight launch. :confused:


Yeah, I won’t be able to buy Skyrim for a few weeks :frowning:


I’ve been a fan of The Elder Scrolls since Morrowind. I am so exited for the release…I can’t wait. :slight_smile: I hope the Modification kit is simple, Morrowind was easy to make small changes(but there was very few modding guides) but Oblivion, which had tons of mod guides, always gave me problems.


I would be hyped, if I didn’t need to buy a new Gaming PC.


By the way, Thanks for the video. I have been mostly in the dark concerning all the features of skyrim and that really helped. :slight_smile: