who else here plays it? post any stats on your character. (i play on a friends, but i play a lot anyways)

im a level 54 female khajit, heavy enchanted dwarven armor, focused on one handed weapons, my most commonly used weapons are mace of molag bal on one hand and dadric mace on the other hand. also focus on theivery (lockpicking, pickpocketing, sneak)

I’m a level 81 high elf. I know they are good for magic but I barley use it anyway XD. I have full daedric armor and dual wield dragon bone swords.

thats boss

Thanks! I also forgot to mention I mainly focused on one handed and archery.

I haven’t played in monthsss, but I’ve been playing a redgaurd warrior since Morrowind. I used full daedric and duel wielded daedric axes. I think I was around level 70?
then I made another character, a… something thief/archer. That was a lot of fun. Got her to around level 50 iirc. Sniping entire bandit camps without being seen is probably one of the funnest things I did in that game. I used the nightingale armor and an ebony bow, or if I was seen and had to do close range combat, I would switch to light dragon armor and 2 ebony swords.

I started a new character recently, stereotypical nord with heavy armor great sword and bow, but hes joining the imperials

I can’t really stick with one character but my favorite is my wood elf. I can’t remember what level he is but he has the ancient shrouded armor, a dwarven bow, an elven and dwarvin sword, and a bunch of different tipes of arrows. I am not to picky when it comes to arrows as long as they are not iron. I also have an ork file where I have skyforge steel everything except for the mace of molag baal and volundrung.

I actually just started playing Skyrim on like Friday! My Xbox gold membership ran out and I had nothing to do so I started playing Skyrim and I cant get enough of it. I used to just talk all sorts of smack about it haha but it is really fun! I am an argonian? I think that’s what it is. I picked him because they looked the coolest haha. I’m only level 28 I have just been doing the blacksmith-enchanting thing to level up because I hate getting destroyed by dragons haha

I’m a level 81 High Elf. I got 100 for everything. I don’t actually play skyrim that much but I was having trouble as a level 35 character because my stats weren’t balanced so I used the ogmha infinium book over and over again. It’s an exploit and cheap but whatever.

I used a full set of upgraded nightingale armor (a full set gives you 25% armor increase and I have a perk that gives me another 25% so my armor is about as powerful as deadric). I switch weapons around but I have an enchanted deadric bow and dual daggers AND THE WABBAJACK! best weapon ever
I’m an imperial, death to stormclokes.

thats real cheap bro…
but not as cheap as the damned console command spammer!

I think last time I picked it up I was level…I want to say mid-50’s. Redgaurd woman, battlemage, mostly destruction magic and one handed weapons. Got about 70 hours in this character and I really only come back to it every few weeks and then play for a week, then take some more time off. I usually get really caught up in the minutiae of whatever personal quest I decide to undertake, like creating the ultimate armor set or whatever. It burns me out fast.

I think what’s most interesting about this character is that 70 hours in, I haven’t progressed the main story at all. I have no idea what happens after the dragon attacks Whiterun in the first 30 minutes. Been seriously thinking about attacking that now, though. Would be nice to have some motivation, and main quests are usually a little more interesting.

wow! do the main quest, its amazing. and at your level, the main quest will be easy! the story is very entertaining. plus if you do the main quest you can use dragon shouts (FUS-RO-DAH!!!)