Skyrim thread (FUS RO DAH!)

Anyone play it? (i made a thread like this before, but its pretty old.)

Discuss here! Also, if you like, post your stats!

Name: Inpsik
Level: EDIT: 25(i finally got my own copy, but on my cousins account im like 50 something)
Weapons: Mace of molag Bal and Dawn breaker
Armor: EDIT: Masque of clavicus vile, dual [dwarven] bracers of eminent wielding, steel plate armor, dwarven boots of major stamina, amulet of arkay, ring of namira
Species: Male khajit

Name: Zakk
Character Type: Khajiit
Weapons: Dual Wield Daedric Daggers
Armor: Nightingale Armor
Level: 77

Name: Durnick (I did steal the name from a book)
Weapons: Steel sword and steel war axe
Apparel: All steel armor and I think a steel shield
Race: Male Nord
Level: 9

I have had a ton of other files, but this is my newest. I am trying to do the “paladin” archetype, so I am using a bit of restoration.

Ohhh yeeeah. Been playing the Elder scrolls games for a long time. I was a huge oblivion fan, now I’m a huge Skyrim fan.
Skyrim character stats:
Name: Drizzt Do’urden
Race: Dark Elf (of course, anyone catch the reference?)
Level: 56
Favorite weapon: Daedric sword of flame (my own creation) and Daedric bow of fire.
I also do a lot of dual wielding swords, my favorite combo is the Daedric sword of flame, and Chillrend (an ice sword).
I consider my character more of a battle mage though. I like using a sword and bow alot, but also like magic.
Anyone get all the expansions yet?

Name: Kur’dæth
Race: High Elf (two of my favorite things)
Level: I don’t remember. I think like 47?
Favorite weaponzz: Magiiiccc. Incinerate and that lightning beam one.

I haven’t played in like a year. Kinda got bored with it. Even on Master it’s not that challenging.

I now have 6 daedric artifacts. Im progressing somewhat rapidly!

Name: Riaxis
Level: 66 I think (can’t level any higher w/o changing skill set)
Weapons: Blade of Woe (legendary) and Helfnir (legendary home made one-handed axe)
Armor: Dragonwear, Krosis and some rings
Species: Dark elf

I adore the ES series, and Skyrim is fantastic. However, I wasn’t that keen on Oblivion, and neither are a patch on Morrowind. There is nothing quite like levitating, Balmora, Vivec, Ald’ruhn, and monsters and stash that do not level with you. There is nothing better than stumbling into a cavern only to find there is no hope of you getting through it at that moment in time. The knowledge that should you come back later you can find some awesome gear is one of the best things to keep you playing. The dark nature of the whole of Morrowind, and the fantastic questing makes it complete treat for me. I still routinely pop back. I also love the fact that magic is much more fairly leveled. Right, having written this I need to head off and find some necromancer types, and maybe some mushrooms…