Skyline, G5, GMP

I have been thinking about a yoyofactory yoyo out of the above. I have been thinking very
seriosly about the skyline, and one more thing, how much is the GMP.

keep spinning


Is the GMP the Grind Machine Premium edition or something?

Also, look here and answer the questions, be specific:,653.0.html

Based on what I know i would go for the G5. Because I have one and LOVE it. Ive never play a skyline and i have no clue what GMP is

Are you talking about the Plastic Grind Machine? If so there pretty good, but you should try all 3 out before you buy to see which one you like the best.

I have an G5 and I love it. ( I love Shela [My future 888] more though)


Well first off, if you are talking about Plastic Grind Machine, it has ABSOLUTELY NO BUSINESS being listed with the other two yoyo’s. Right there this thread loses credibility in my book. But personal opinion, go with a skyline.

it depends do you want a plastic or metal yoyo but if i were you ill go with the skyline.Its very smooth

The PGM isn’t as bad. It is a very good plastic yoyo. And when comparing yoyos, price is a matter. And a PGM is almost 1/4 the price of a skyline. If you buy it stackless, it’s 1/5 of the skyline. And from what I’ve heard it plays really good and smooth. It’s not a metal, but that does not mean it can’t play like one.

And yeah I was talking about the Grind Machine Plastic. The thing that got me interested
in the GMP is that I. love grinds. Especialy thumb grinds. I like the Skyline because I like my
888 and I heard the skyline is similiar in size to the 888. I’ve heard the G5 is a pretty cool.
Thanks Pheenix.

keep spinning


Skylines seem cool but I ahve yet to throw one.