G5 or Paul Kerbel Edition Skyline


I was looking at maybe buying a G5 or Paul Kerbel Edition Skyline. Here is what I prefer:

  1. I like any size yo-yo.
  2. I prefer an H-Shape yo-yo.
  3. I do like silicone response or anything not real responsive.
  4. I do not like to mod my yo-yos.
  5. I like any weight.
  6. The color does matter.
  7. I like to do fast, smooth, and slack tricks.
  8. My price range is 130$ and below.
  9. My skill level is advanced to expert.
    I used the guide Samad posted: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php?topic=4423.0
    What do you guys think?


It will mosly depend on wether you like large sized yoyos or small yoyos, what is your current favorite? Do you like its size?


Skyline. The G5 won’t handle fast tricks as easily as the Skyline.


I mainly use a M1 for my regular tricks and my DM to practice Lacerations. I am leaning towards the Skyline anyway.


Well, Augie’s favorite yoyo is the G5+. He goes really fast, and I never see him using the Skyline, yeah, G5+ is a bit different from the G5, but as far as I know it is the same design.
But acoording to this:

You would like smaller yoyos more, so I reccomend the Skyline for you.


Gm user is right, most of the yoyos can be fast.

Happy Throwing! =]


But the Skyline was made for more speed and agility. Any yoyo can be fast, but Augie is a pro, so obviously he can make any yoyo go fast.


I know the Skyline was made for speed, I was just saying that the G5 can go fast as well. Plus, I reccomended the Skyline for him too. Sorry for the confusion.


sigh It was only in my opinion…

Happy Throwing! =]


Going to your original post:

Was your original opinion?


Samad is right. Based on a Yo-Yo’s specs, it can vary different levels.


A Yo-Yo can move fast or slow depending on the player. A fast player can have a really heavy Yo-Yo that is known for being slow, and he/she can beat the snots out of it goind 100 mph on The Matrix.

And, a Yo-Yo can be really light, known for it’s speed, and have a slow player using a fast Yo-Yo.

Everything depends on the player. The throw, the agility, the string landing, speed, etc. :slight_smile:

(Mitch) #12

I know this is off topic but…


Augie rolling with a skyline…


Haha, I’ve never really watched that video.  :stuck_out_tongue:


Nevermind, I got a blue VK for $99.99 from YoYoNation.


Congratulations, hope you like it!


Yeah, you should go with the Skyline.

BTW, what does VK stand for?


Necro! Just kidding. :slight_smile:

VK stands for Vashek Kroutil.

Found here: http://www.yoyonation.com/product.php?productid=16696&cat=275&page=2


Here is the video with Vashek Kroutil, Kentaro Kimura, and the VK yo-yo.