Skateboarding Accidents Thread

What are your worst injures form skateboarding? Here’s the list ;):

Board to the face: Bloody eye.
Face to the rail * 3: Tooth through the lip in eight places.
Knocked out, helmet split, blood all over; don’t remember cuz, well, I was unconscious…
Broken nose
3 broken toes
fractured wrist

… I think those are most of the worst ones.

Don’t know about you, but for me it’s all payed off. I’m now proudly sponsored by Fuel Clothing and Globe! Yeah, that Globe. Thanks for reading.

while reading your post I suddenly tasted blood… and then it went away… I quit after I broke my ankle…

Credit card’ed

not fun



road rash.

Board to Face
Multiple Rolled Ankles
Taken out My Biker
Knee Cap Blown Out
Hip Fractured.
multiple Blood Wounds and Cuts.

I always fall on my butt thats it. haha

ive never fancied myself a good skater… however in learning to pipe i startled the board as i was trying to leave the coping